If you’d like to find out more, you can contact me on the details below;

Registered name: House of Phillips
Telephone:+31 (0)621701253

KvK number: 1234567-8999

General terms and conditions: Rates will be charged according to any agreement set up between myself and your company, whether hourly, daily, or per project. This will be agreed and will only commence once an estimate has been submitted and the purchase request has been received. The final estimate will include a full outline of the scoped project. Any changes requested beyond the scope to the initial parameters agreed will be approved in writing before being added to the project/invoice. The payment period within which a client can submit their payment after the invoicing date is 30 days, this will be determined by the new vendor form. Late fees and/or interest rates for late payments will add an extra 5% per month of late payment. Spec work: No speculative pitching can be submitted (we save the pro-bono for the needy). Any work that is refused by the client cannot be used in whole or in part if not paid for. Once a purchase order is submitted and the work has commenced, then this becomes actionable. All creative rights will transfer to the client once payment is completed. Any termination of work due to unforeseen circumstances from our side will be given with at least two weeks advance notice.