who am i?

I’m Robert Huddlestone Phillips and welcome to my house. I’ve been privileged to have worked for some of the best Advertising agencies in London, Dubai and Amsterdam. In 2010 I decided to switch to brand side; giving me the advantage of seeing what goes on inside the brand, the Marketing Director’s head, and how to understand each other clearly. Nowadays I’m at home with agency or brand.

First things first. This is not an advertising agency. It’s me, and a team of creatives I like to work with and learn from. Working with me means you’re open-minded and ready to try approaching the challenge in a different way. Whether together or apart we act as one, playing to our strengths with a strong sense of integrity. We think sharp, deep dive into the details on consumers, metrics, forecasts and communication and turn around single-minded, quick-witted, thought-provoking ideas. At the heart of every communication, there’s a red thread tied closely to the brand.

And what’s my business plan? Simple; Does your product or service make us smile?
Is it something that would ‘pay it forward’ by creating a positive effect on the environment or the people in it?  If you find the above does not connect for you, I can recommend some fine people out there who would love to talk to you.

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