Working with a much loved (and relied upon) Dutch brand such as TomTom comes with a certain set of responsibilities. To tell the truth. To keep it simple. To do exactly as the product does. So we decided to do just that, by taking the hands from within the logo and to bring them to life in this playful, yet informative visual mnemonic. Each and every execution, whether in print, online or by mail came as bite-sized moments of direction. Leaving the gestures to do the talking;

End goal;

A spike in uptake for the new app update 12.2%
Greater awareness of the ‘Live’ feature from TomTom, and clearance of hard product in Q4 sales.
Strategy: Let the hands do the talking
Result: 4% increase in sales
Investment: 129k investment in print and poster campaign
Reach: 3.4m views, 27k app downloads across Benelux & DACH

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