Going Viral

Whether you’re looking for likes, searching for a spike in awareness/sales, or feel confident that your message is so strong it’s worth spreading the message even further by going viral, this tool should be taken seriously as part of a marketing mix. Should your CEO see a Volkswagen Polo containing an exploding terrorist or a herd of LED lit sheep herding themselves to the shape of for Samsung, and then ask you for a viral, kindly show him or her the door. Used effectively and with respect, a viral, or stunt, can produce good columns and inches on multiple pages, provide a measurable return on investment, and stimulate staff into believing in the company they work for.


A short film featuring our friends from Cunning in London; sharing their knowledge and wisdom on the power of the viral stunt; See for them and us, it’s not so much how many clicks a post recieves. More to the point it’s about the end perception it leaves with anyone that partakes in the stunt. As you will see:

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