Kidsrights;  a charity that seeks to empower children to demand global attention for better rights. The opportunity saw us co-operate with the Voice of Holland to use the media attention with Jon de Mol’s charity. Together with six talented animators, we created these short films to create awareness, drive traffic towards the website, and make their donation.

KidsRights invests in projects connected to the themes of the International Children’s Peace Prize Winners. Following the example of winners such as  Thandiwe, they take action to provide education for kids around the world. They fight against violence against children.

The projects of KidsRights focus on achieving, promoting and observing children’s rights. Through our projects, the local environment and rights of children are directly improved. Children participate and co-decide in all projects. KidsRights recognizes the strength of all children, child participation is key in everything we do.

KidsRights works with local partners to improve the environment for children’s rights on the themes Violence against Children, Child Participation, Education, Street Children, Child Labour and HIV/aids. KidsRights aims to strengthen the impact of our projects by stimulating exchange and collaboration between partners.

Together with four local partners in Liberia KidsRights works to raise awareness on violence against children, to prevent sexual violence and to increase the access to justice for children. Children have the right to participate, the right to be heard and the right to have access to information. KidsRights sees children as changemakers and stimulates child participation in all projects.

Child slavery and exploitation are a daily reality for millions of children worldwide. KidsRights works together with local partners in India and Africa to stop this violation of the right of the child.

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