Once a popular body wash, Badedas was declining in awareness and popularity. Other more ‘lively’ brands were stealing the show with more personality and single-minded communication. Sara Lee came to us with the brief to breathe life into this mature brand, challenging us with the brief so see if we could raise awareness amongst a younger, sportier, target audience of young adult men. So we turned to our friend Michiel Romeyn, with the question, how would he ‘Keep it Fresh’

Finally, we created the Kont-Kop towel, a redeemable online gift. Here the owner would definitely not confuse their bottom with their face whilst drying off.

Strategy; Viral ‘Stay-Fresh’ campaign, seeded to drive audience online.
Investment; €75k
Results; 12% increase in sales, with 20k towels redeemed in the Noord-Holland area.
450k views with engaged consumers participating in the online promotion

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