McVitie’s Biscuits


McVitie’s Biscuits 120-year heritage had resulted in its name becoming synonymous with biscuits, and many of its brand names have become generic. This, together with the market moving to less traditional biscuits, led to own label products gaining share at McVitie’s expense. The objective was to remind consumers that McVitie’s biscuits taste better than own label. To re-ignite consumer interest in everyday biscuits. To increase sales volume of McVitie’s everyday biscuits.

Se we created a theme called ‘Dunk for Britain’, to create advocacy amongst tea and biscuit fans across the UK. 

The chocolate digestive was voted the top elevenses snack in Lancashire, while those in Oxford and Cambridge also said it was their favourite – but they were left divided over the flavour of the chocolate topping

Scholars in Oxford said they were a fan of dark chocolate digestives, while those over in Cambridge said they preferred to play it safe with milk chocolate. Those living in Wales and the south west said they were particularly fond of the rather plain Rich Tea, while central England residents enjoy the humble Malted Milk.


Over in the east of England, healthier biscuits and more expensive brands were the top preference. In London, workers voted their most popular biscuit as those of the breakfast variety – with on-the-go commuters consuming the morning snack more than any other region.

The most popular breakfast biscuit was deemed to be BelVita, providing almost 1.5 million on-the-go breakfasts to Waitrose shoppers over the past year.

Whether it’s about awareness or conversion, clearing stock for the last quarter or identifying a hook with the target audience, what we do makes us passionate about our work. We put an emphasis on finding simple truths to help us convey meaningful propositions for our audience. And to do all this, we entrench ourselves in your brand by becoming at one with you and your team.

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